IRIS Equipment Audit and Update

tim hendersonIRIS program has a long history of enabling the provision of eye health services to remote Australia through the supply and maintenance of a national ophthalmology equipment fleet.Since 2010, the IRIS program has supplied close to $2M of ophthalmology loan equipment using grant funding from the Australian Government. The equipment has been distributed to support eye health services in most Australian States and Territories. 

In 2014, IRIS received a funding grant to purchase new equipment for ophthalmology services in Cape York, Central Australia and Northern Tasmania. This equipment has included an OcuLight® Green Laser for use in outreach eye health clinics in Cape York and a range of paediatric equipment for ophthalmology and orthoptic services in Northern Tasmania.  A YAG/SLT Laser was also purchased for use by IRIS Taskforce Member Dr Tim Henderson in Central Australia to treat glaucoma conditions (see image). Dr Henderson says that by having the laser in Alice Springs it is “nice to be able to reduce the number of patients needing to travel interstate or go without treatment”

IRIS is currently undertaking a national audit of the equipment fleet to ensure that the IRIS loan equipment fleet is in use and in good working order. The recent funding grant also included servicing costs for some major ophthalmology equipment in the fleet. The map below details the current distribution of the IRIS equipment fleet. For further information about the IRIS loan equipment fleet and the national IRIS Equipment Audit, please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

2026 iris aust map allser2



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